Creating Your Custom-Built Home

Custom home building is all about making dreams come true. The wish to create a new living space that reflects one’s needs, taste and individuality is universal. It’s a lofty goal, but with the right help it is worth the effort.

Building a custom home is not a quick process. It requires an ongoing collaborative relationship with the builder. The latter must listen to the wishes and needs of the client – and the client must also respect the expertise of the builder. Highridge Fine Homes recognizes how crucial this partnership is and its motto is simple: “Clients build with us!”

Throughout the entire process Highridge is there, helping clients make the right decisions about their custom home or addition. It begins with a thorough discussion of the client’s wants and needs, – which are not always the same thing. Establishing a wish list that is feasible, both within the building lot and financially, is an important step.

Whether the clients are adding a second story to an existing home or building from scratch on a new lot, with all the extra creative latitude that allows, Highridge will be there every step of the way.

Highridge Fine Homes has built cutting-edge modernist homes, as well as beautiful abodes that evoke the best qualities of traditional architectural styles. Highridge is also experienced in building living spaces that empower clients with special needs and abilities.