About us

Highridge Fine Homes – Building With You

Creating your own custom built home can be one of the most exciting things you will ever do. It requires a vision on your part – and a builder who respects and listens to your ideas.

For Mark De Bruyne the custom home building industry has been a lifelong vocation. It began thirty years ago when, as a student, he worked in the summers for a custom builder. De Bruyne has worked in the business full-time since 1995. Beginning as the owner of a carpentry framing company, De Bruyne founded Highridge Fine Homes and has gone on to build stunning homes in Oakville and Toronto. Now, in collaboration with Rusand Homes and Renovations, Highridge is raising the bar in those markets with high quality custom built homes and renovations.

The success of Highridge Fine Homes is based on a philosophy of collaboration: “Clients build with us!”


The Highridge Philosophy in Action

Highridge puts a strong emphasis on establishing a close relationship with its clients, becoming in essence part of the family. The building of a custom home from ground up, or the extensive makeover of an existing one, is not an overnight process. Highridge is there with the client every step of the way. The process features continual feedback and input between client and builder.

The Highridge process ensures that, for the client, there are no surprises in either design or cost. Decisions are made collaboratively, ensuring full client satisfaction with the finished product.

The Proof is in the Building!

Highridge Fine Homes is an industry leader in creating homes with both contemporary and traditional looks. Deer Circle and Indian Road are two examples of custom homes that show you how your dreams can become a reality in a Highridge custom built home. Both homes required an active partnership between builder and client, with the clients serving as the creative lifeblood of their custom built homes. Highridge’s strong commitment to quality, customer service and dependability brought the clients’ dreams to life. These are the building blocks for each stand-out custom built home for which Highridge is known.